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Sometimes the best business decisions are the simplest. 

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Fear Factor of Owning a Business

Here’s the dirty little secret that no one tells you about owning a business -

There are times when you will be absolutely terrified.

What if you don’t get the taxes right? What if you have an employee dispute? How do you handle unhappy clients? What if your supplier doesn’t deliver on time? What if you  need more cash than you planned?

Anyone who has owned a business has had those moments where there’s a big knot in the pit of your stomach as you try to process and handle unexpected events.

The interesting thing about entrepreneurs, though, is that we’d rather deal with life’s curves on our OWN terms, rather than through someone else’s process. Bad things happen  - that’s part of life. But being able to determine your course of action, rather than being at the mercy of someone else - that’s the beauty of being an entrepreneur.

If you start a business/own a franchise, you’ll have fear factor moments. But you’ll also have a support structure that will help guide you through. You’ll be in charge, but not alone.  Don’t discount the value of having someone to call, who really cares and can help, when things don’t go well. It can make all the difference.

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Sometimes a messy market is a good thing if you are the cleaner

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Are franchises a good idea in a down economy? 

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